“How should a Belarusian act abroad? They should remember that a foreigner by looking at their behavior will judge the entire Belarusian nation. So let a Belarusian abroad represent their people with dignity and respect.”

Vatslav Lastovsky – a Belarusian historian, politician, publicist, writer

Welcome to the official page of PRADMOVA – a Cultural and Educational Association of Belarusian community living in Portugal.

PRADMOVA is a young ONG founded in November 2020 with the objective to
unite Belarusians living in Portugal and citizens of Portuguese-speaking countries.

For the past years, the organization has grown to dozens of active members and volunteers that help PRADMOVA to achieve its mission.

Together we develop new cultural and educational initiatives in different formats: exhibitions, concerts, conferences, presentations with the participation of Belarusian and Portuguese cultural figures, intellectuals and civil society.

Get to know us better: FAQ

How was the Association PRADMOVA founded?

PRADMOVA was founded in August 2020 and was officially registered in November 2020.

The association was born in the sequence of events related to the fraudulent elections that took place in Belarus on 9th of August 2020 and the outrageous violation of human rights by the regime of dictator Lukashenko.

In order to defend the votes and dignity of their nation, the Belarusians of Portugal have united under the auspices of the officially registered association PRADMOVA.

In belarusian, the word pradmova ( “прадмова”) means preface. We vision PRADMOVA as a preface of a very exciting, creative and delicate book that we all are writing together.

What is the structure of PRADMOVA?

PRADMOVA is administered by the 14 members of the directory board that are elected for a two years term. The president and the vice-president of PRADMOVA exercise the role of the spokespersons of the association. All positions are volunteer-based

Any person can become an associate of PRADMOVA by filling in the application form.

What are the main goals of PRADMOVA?

– nurture Belarusian culture in Portugal and encourage collaborative projects between Portuguese and Belarusian artists, journalists, scientists and activists.

– provide a platform to Belarusian diaspora living in Portugal for taking initiative and creating their own projects.

– represent and promote the interests of Belarusian civil society with an objective to keep Portuguese society up-to-date  about the violation of human rights in Belarus.

– create bilateral and multilateral relationships with Portuguese NGOs,  civil society groups and media in the area of civic action and cultural education.

Is PRADMOVA a political organization?

No, PRADMOVA is a cultural and educational organization. However, because of the current escalation of human rights and repressions in Belarus, PRADMOVA has also been leading the initiatives that are meant to defend the civic rights of Belarusians.

What are the common initiatives organized by PRADMOVA?

– cultural events, workshops and exchange programs that promote Belarusian culture of different kinds in Portugal; 

– street actions and public campaigns in defense of the democratic movement and human rights in Belarus;

– collaboration with Portuguese media on promoting PRADMOVA’s key activities.

Why do I need PRADMOVA?

PRADMOVA is a platform that can help you meet Belarusian culture. Inspired by tradition, we make efforts to promote the rich history of our country with the heed for current developments in modern art and culture. By joining PRADMOVA you can have a cross-cultural experience and discover the secrets of Belarusian cultural and historical heritage.

How can I help PRADMOVA?

By participation that can be expressed in different forms:) Coming to our events for us already means showing a big support.

You can also join PRADMOVA as a volunteer or as a member. We are always happy to encourage private initiatives!

And last, but not least, you can support us financially by making a donation. Any amount would be of a big help.